Project TitleSoftware for Predicting Surgical Site Infection in Surgical Patients
Track Code2016-019
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Professor Cromwell has developed a novel software that allows for real-time prediction of the development of a surgical site infection. With this software, surgeons have the opportunity to change wound closure and/or wound management strategies prior to the patient leaving the operating room. This software utilizes data from the electronic medical record along with data entered during the perioperative period to guide surgical decision making within the operating room.


Surgical site infections (SSIs) are a major cause of morbidity and hospital readmission in the United States, affecting approximately 3-11% of general surgery patients. They are associated with poor postoperative outcomes, including prolonged length of stay and higher mortality. The extra healthcare costs associated with SSIs are estimated to be $20,000 per infection. Current predictive models for SSIs are not practical for implementation due to their insufficient accuracy and failure to provide real-time results during the operative period. Surgeons require real-time predictive results so that preventative strategies can be applied during the surgical operation, substantially reducing the risk of SSIs for the patient.

TagsReal-time prediction for surgical site infections, Cromwell, Surgical Site Infections, Medical Software
Posted DateJul 14, 2017 3:28 PM

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Mihaela D. Bojin, PhD, CLP

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